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A. Articles in Refereed Journals​

Eyal Katvan, “Compulsory Physical Examinations for Determination of Disability “, 15 Refuah U-Mishpat  [Law & Medicine] (1996) 33 (in Hebrew).

Eyal Katvan, Nadav Davidovitch, “Between Health, Politics and Professionalism: Medical Examination of Emigration Applicants to Pre-State Israel, 1925-1928”, 11 Israel (2007) 31 (in Hebrew).

Eyal Katvan, “The Family Unit as a Biological Cell – Medical Examinations and the Good-Measures of Woman”, 6 Law & Business (2007) 487 (in Hebrew).


Eyal Katvan, Halperin-Kaddari, Ruth, “The Feminist Proposal is really Ridiculous”"Women’s Battle to Become Advocates in Pre-State Israel”, 25 Mechkarey Mishpat [Bar-Ilan Law Studies] (2009) 237 (in Hebrew).  

Eyal Katvan, “” The Country is Our Battlefront and We Must Be the Guardians of Health”: The founding of the “Medical Office” and the system of medical diagnosis of prospective immigrants to Palestine (1934-1939)”, 18 Iyunim Betkumat Israel (2009)167 (in Hebrew).

Eyal Katvan, “No more “Decorative Parsley”: The Struggle for Judicial Appointments for Women”, 32 Iyuney Mishpat (Tel-Aviv University Law Journal) (2010) 69 (in Hebrew).

Eyal Katvan, “Who is the Landlord? Quarantine and Medical Examinations for Immigrants at the Gates of Eretz-Israel (1918-1929)”, 20 Korot (2010) 37 (in Hebrew).

Eyal Katvan, Nira Bartal, “The Midwives Ordinance (Palestine, 1929): Historical Perspectives and Current Lessons”, 17 Nursing Inquiry, (2010) 165.

Eyal Katvan, Boaz Shnoor, “Between Civility and Reputation”, 15 Hamishpat (2010) 71 (in Hebrew).


Eyal Katvan, “That was the Beginning”: Professionalization and Americanization of Dentistry in (Pre-State) Israel”, 58 Journal of the History of Dentistry (2010) 147 (the American Academy of the History of Dentistry). 

Eyal Katvan, Nadav Davidovitch, “The Examiners of the Immigrants to Mandatory Palestine between two World Wars”, 20 Korot (2010)19 (in Hebrew).

Eyal Katvan, “The History of Dentistry in pre-State Israel: The De-Feminization Process”, 16 Hamishpat (2011) 173 (in Hebrew).

Rina Bogoch, Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, Eyal Katvan, “Family Law in the Age of Computerized Databases: The Impact of Legal Databases on the Practice of Family Law in Israel”, 34 Iyuney Mishpat (Tel-Aviv University Law Journal) (2011) 603 (in Hebrew).

Eyal Katvan, “Preventive (Marriage and Divorce) Medicine: Premarital Examinations and the Medicalization of Domestic Violence”, 10 Aley Mishpat (Academic Center f Law & Business Law Journal) (2012) 73 (in Hebrew). 

Jonathan Cohen, Tamar Ashkenazi, Eyal Katvan, Pierre Singer, “Brain Death Determination in Israel: The First Two Years Experience Following Changes to the Brain Death Law—Opportunities and Challenges”, 12 Am. J. of Transplantation (2012) 2514. 

Eyal Katvan , Carole Silver & Neta Ziv, Too many lawyers?, International Journal of the Legal Profession, 19:2-3, 123-129

a. Eyal Katvan, “The “Overcrowding the Profession” Argument and the Professional Melting Pot”, International Journal of the Legal Profession (2013). 

b. Eyal Katvan, “Overcrowding the Profession” – An Artificial Argument?. 3(3) Oñati Socio-legal Series [online], (2013) 409.

Chemi Ben-Noon, Boaz Shnoor, Eyal Katvan, “Judges ‘Perception of Lawyers’ Behavior in Court”, Hamishpat Law Journal (2015) (in Hebrew). 

Katvan et al., “Age limitation for organ transplantation: the Israeli example”, 46(1) Age & Aging (2017) 8.

Jonathan Cohen, Ruth Rahamimov, Aaron Hoffman, Eyal Katvan,  Kyril Grozovski and Tamar Ashkenazi, “Derivation and Implementation of a Protocol for Organ Donation after Cardio-Circulatory Death in Israel”, 19 The Israel Medical Association Journal  (2017) 566.  

Boaz Shnoor and Eyal Katvan, “Informed Consent to Legal Treatment – Lessons from Medical Informed Consent", 24(2) International Journal of the Legal Profession (2017) 125.


Limor Zer-Gutman, Eyal Katvan and Boaz Shnoor, “Honor and Respect, the Private and Professional among Lawyers”, 11 Din Udvarim (2018) 457 (in Hebrew). 

a. Eyal Katvan and Boaz Shnoor, “Court’s Precious Time: Transparency, Honor and Judicial Scarce Resources”, (2017)  Oñati Socio-Legal Series 7(4) 825

b.  Eyal Katvan and Boaz Shnoor, “A Perfect Façade?”: Transparency, Honor and Judicial Scarce Resources”, 26(1) International Journal of the Legal Profession, (2018) 143.

Eyal Katvan, “‘Policy Makers’: The genealogy of the immigrant’s ‘Health Card (1926)’”, 171 Cathedra (2019) (in Hebrew). 

Eyal Katvan, ““Toothless Law”: The Regulation (or Vaguelation) of Dentistry in Mandate Palestine”, Medizin, Gesellschaft und Geschichte – Beihefte 2019.

Eyal Katvan, “Women in the Professions in Mandate Palestine”, 34 Nashim Journal  2019.

Eyal Katvan and Boaz Shnoor, “Workers’ Honor, Anger and Emotions in Mandate Palestine Informal Courts”, Law, Society and Cloture (Special Issue on Emotions, Tel-Aviv University) (forthcoming 2019) (in Hebrew).

Eyal Katvan and Boaz Shnoor, “Medical Staff’s Honor in Mandate Palestine”, Koroth (forthcoming 2020) (in Hebrew).

Eyal Katvan and Boaz Shnoor, “Honor and Defamation in Israel – between three authorities”, Mozney Mishpat (forthcoming 2019) (in Hebrew). 


Eyal Katvan and Meron Pioterkovski, “Josephine Zurcher-Fallsheer – The Forgotten Doctor”,  Bioethics, Law and Medicine (forthcoming 2020 (in Hebrew)

Eyal Katvan and Boaz Shnoor, “Don Quixote de la Corte: Serial Litigants, Emotions, and Access to Justice”, Oñati Socio-Legal Series, OSLS (2020)

Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, Eyal Katvan and Bryna Bogoch, "DISTORTED DIGITAL DATABASES AND THE CONSTRUCTION OF LEGAL KNOWLEDGE", University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law (forthcoming, 2021)

Boaz Shnoor and Eyal Katvan, “Honor, Freedom of Expression, and Judicial Independence in Mandate Times: A 3D Test Case”, Israel Studies (2021)

Cohen, Ashkenazi, Katvan, Brain death determination in Israel: the first 9 years’ experience following changes made by the Brain and Respiratory Death Determination Law, IMAJ (forthcoming, 2021)

Eyal Katvan and Boaz Shnoor, Lawyer’s Uniforms, Hapraklit

Katvan E., Sagy Y., Shachar Y. “Kosher” Judgements in a Pigskin: The British Mandate Law Reports as an Historical Source, submitted to: Zmanim (in Hebrew)

Cohen J., Katvan E., Ashkenazi T., Organ donation in the time of COVID-19: The Israeli experience one year into the pandemic – ethical and policy implications, Israel Journal of Health Policy Research

Amit Rimon, Daniel Gelman, Ortal Yerushalmy, Shunit Coppenhagen-Glazer, Eyal Katvan, Ran Nir Paz, Ronen Hazan, "Phage Therapy in Israel, Past, Present, and Future", PHAGE: Therapy, Applications, and Research  


Eyal Katvan, Jonathan Cohen, Ruth Rahamimov,and Tamar Ashkenazi, A comparison of recalled pain memory following living kidney donation between directed  and non-directed, altruistic donors" Progress in Transplantation 

Tamar Ashkenazi, Jonathan Cohen, Daniel Gelman, Eyal Katvan, “The Psychological Examination and Evaluation of Unrelated Kidney Donors in Israel: A Suggested Model”, Psychology, Health & Medicine

Yair Sagy, Eyal Katvan, “Hoist by the Colonizer’s Own Device? Law Reporting in Mandatory Palestine”, American Journal of Legal History

Hadil Onallah ,Ronen Hazan , Ran Nir-Paz… Eyal Katvan et. al, “Refractory Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections treated with Phage PASA16: a compassionate use case series”, MED Journal

Boaz Shnoor, Eyal Katvan, “Rulers, Victims, Educators, or Partners? Judges’ Perception on Their Relationship with Lawyers”, Cardozo International & Comparative Law Review

Eyal Katvan, “Dating Advocate Ginmberg’s Signboard” (essay), Law, Society and Cloture (Special Issue on “Material”, Tel-Aviv University) (in Hebrew) 

B.  Chapters in Scientific Books (Refereed)

Katvan, Eyal, “Different(ial) Diagnosis – On Compulsory Examinations and their Relation with Women Oppression”, in Law, Gender & Feminism, (ed. D. Barak-Erez, S. Yanisky-Ravid, Y. Biton, D. Fogatch,) (2007) 849 (in Hebrew).

Katvan E. Shilo M. & Halperin-Kaddari R., (2010). Complex Identities and Divided Identities. In Katvan E. Shilo M. & Halperin-Kaddari R., (Eds.). (2010), One Law for Men and Women: Women, Rights and Law during the British Mandate. (pp. 7-18). Bar Ilan University Press.  

Katvan, Eyal, Halperin-Kaddari, Ruth, “”When the Woman Becomes a Lawyer”: Rosa Ginzberg and Her Battle to Become a Lawyer in Pre-State Israel”, One Law for Men and Women: Women and Law during the British Mandate (ed. Eyal Katvan, Margalit Shilo, Ruth Halperin-Kaddari) (2010) 253 (in Hebrew).

Katvan Eyal, "Women in a Man's Toga: Women's Entrance into and Integration within the Legal Profession in Eretz-Israel and in Israel", Gender in Israel A (2011) 263 (in Hebrew).

Katvan, Eyal, Bartal, Nira, "A Law is Born: The Midwives Ordinance, Gender and Professional Regulation during the British Mandate", One Law for Men and Women: Women and Law during the British Mandate (ed. Eyal Katvan, Margalit Shilo, Ruth Halperin-Kaddari) (2010) 469 (in Hebrew).

Katvan Eyal, "The Entry and Integration of Women into Judicial Positions in Israel" in Gender and Judging (Ulrike Schultz, Gisela Shaw, Hart Publishing) (2013) 83. 

Cited several times in: Susan D. Franck et al., “The Diversity Challenge: Exploring the "Invisible College" of International Arbitration”, (2015) 53 Colum. J. Transnat'l L. 429.

Shnoor Boaz, Eyal Katvan, “The Ringworm Victims Compensation Law – 1994: Legislation and Court Decisions – between Rhetoric and Compensation”, Ringworm - The International  and the Israeli Saga, ( eds: Shvarts S, Sadetzki S.,  Ben Gurion University Publication) (2018) 459 (in Hebrew).

Eyal katvan, Limor Zer-Gutman, Neta Ziv, “Lawyers in Israel: Numbers, Make-Up and Modes of Practices - What Can Facts tell us about the State of the Profession?”, in Lawyers in Society (ed. By Richard Abel, Ulrike Schultz, Hilary Sommerlad and Ole Hammerslev, Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2020).

Eyal Katvan and Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, “Women's entry and integration into Israel's legal Academia – History, Story, Non-Story and the MEN(tor)”, in Gender and Careers in the Legal Academy (ed. By Ulrike Schultz, forthcoming 2019).

C. Other Scientific Publications

Conference Proceedings

Katvan Eyal, Ben-Or Gali, "Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis – International Legal Aspects", in Bioethical Issues of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), (ed. Michel Ravel, The National Bioethics Council, 2008) 36.



Entries in Encyclopedias

Katvan, Eyal, Halperin-Kaddari, Ruth, “Rosa Ginossar”, in Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia (Jerusalem, Shalvi Publishing, 2006).


Book Reviews

Eyal Katvan, “Omi Leissner, Mining Women’s Bodies: The Case of Childbirth in Israel” In NASHIM Journal 2019.

Katvan E., Book Review: Rhona Seidelman, Under Quarantine: Immigrants and Disease at Israel’s Gate (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 2020) 240 pages, $29.95, Paperback, AJS Review


Katvan E. (2022), Book Review: Margalit Shilo: The land of (professional) opportunities. Cathedra

D. Newspaper Articles

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